Saturday, May 19, 2007

And We’re Done!

The Rock Creek Park BioBlitz has officially come to an end. In twenty-four hours we’ve identified 666 plant and animal species. (See breakdown below.) That number will change as the scientists continue to identify and catalog their finds, so check back here for updates over the next few weeks.

And it’s never too early to plan for future BioBlitzes, including our next one, taking place in Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in California. National Geographic and the National Parks Service will continue their partnership and host a BioBlitz in a different national park for the next nine years, leading up to the National Parks Service’s 100th anniversary in 2016.

Thanks to everyone—scientists, volunteers, and participants—who made this BioBlitz so successful, and see you again next year!

BioBlitz Species Tally
Amphibians and Reptiles: 17
Aquatic Invertebrates: 21
Aquatic Plants: 30
Birds: 29
Fish: 20
Fungi: 52
Mammals: 12
Soil Invertebrates: 10
Terrestrial Plants: 232
Terrestrial Insects: 243
Total: 666

Photograph of John Francis of National Geographic and Adrienne Coleman of the National Parks Service by Mark Christmas/NGS


calvert said...

Please don't forget to update - some of us are actually checking, hoping for 1000.


Zimboy said...

can we have the species lists?